Structured cabling design installation

Working with Top Infrastructure Designers, we provide
Complete assessment, planning, and installation for voice and data systems
to replace or upgrade your structured cabling infrastructure.

Exceptional Cabling Solutions:

  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Industry-Leading Design and Installation Services
  • Low Voltage Cable Plant RFP Solutions
  • Full-Service Structured Cabling Solution
  • Backed By BICSI RCDD’s
  • Documented, Tested & Certified To Manufacture & BISCI Standards
  • Unmatched Survey, Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Partnered With Top Industry Infrastructure Designers

Full Service Low Voltage Structured Cabling Solutions

Tech Guys Inc specializes in IT infrastructure planning, installation, and support of structured cabling systems including low voltage cabling. Our certified engineers, project managers, and installation technicians help us to remain a leader in the structured cabling industry. We partner with the leading designers both in-house and consultants to ensure your project is completed to perfection.

Our teams have extensive experience working with business and institution on every conceivable scale and sector. We have helped financial institutions, healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, restaurants and commercial properties to not only meet their current structured cabling needs but to also prepare for future growth!

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Survey, Installation & Maintenance

Tech Guys Inc offers more to our clients than just professional IT infrastructure and cabling installation services. We work with you along side design teams to assess and plan the ideal structured cabling system for your present needs as well as your future growth potential.

Regardless of your scale or sector the structured cabling services are always designed to help you maximize your investment. Tech Guys Inc will partner with you to value, efficiency, and quality from conception, thru planning and design to installation.

As needed our team can be with you at every step along the way including:

  • Site assessment and consultation
  • Collaborative Design and engineering
  • Logistics planning and vendor relations
  • Technology recommendations for low-voltage cabling and optical network
  • Full-service installation
  • Maintenance, system support, and customer service

During the site assessment phase, we will closely evaluate the current state of your structured cabling and other pertinent aspects of your IT infrastructure environment. This will help us understand not only the unique characteristics of your site, but all the areas where improvements can be made or need to be wholly replaced.

The assessment information and all your goals will then be factored into a special type of blueprint, known as a network layout. It will demonstrate an overarching map of your IT infrastructure to meet your current needs, but it will also note areas of redundancy as well as features that can accommodate future system expansion.

At Tech Guys Inc we have extensive history providing structured cabling solutions for every scope, scale, and sector. Each of our highly trained technicians draws a deep sense of pride in the professional implementation of the project, using exacting attention to detail and industry leading techniques. Your dedicated project manager will also work closely with you to answer any questions you have as well as keep you up to date on any important milestones that are achieved in the installation process.

We understand that no two structured cabling projects are the same and we endeavor to customize our professional services to your needs. is personalized to your unique needs.

Premier Design Services By Experienced RCDDs’s

ks closely with the industry leading IT designers, either your in-house or hired design consultants to ensure no stone is left un-turned with room for the future.

When consulting, or planning a system we always try to incorporate scalable solutions. This allows your in-house IT staff to be able to perform future upgrades in equipment, computers, and devices without worrying if the IT infrastructure can handle it.

We also make it a point to build in redundancies. This offers two or more potential connections to a single location. In the event where one is damaged or compromised in some way, you can quickly switch over to the redundant system with minimal downtime

While structured cabling is largely a functional feature, we also understand the importance of aesthetics. Whenever possible we design and install our systems with minimal visibility in mind and hide wires and other components to the best of our ability.

A Dedicated & Experienced Project Manager On Every Site

After assessing your needs and designing the system that best fits your needs, we will assign you one of our highly trained and experienced project managers and on staff BICSI RCDD’s every step of the way. They will be able to offer you key insights, answer questions, coordinate vendors, and keep you updated on key project milestones, while also providing direct oversight of the cabling project. This helps to ensures top quality, consistent work at every phase of the project, with minimal stress to you.

Innovative Telecommunications Cabling For 21st Century Business

Quality telecommunications is one of the key cornerstones of modern-day business. At the same time, it also plays a critical role for many public institutions, emergency services, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

Tech Guys Inc offers high-quality voice and data cabling, as well as structured cabling, ethernet cabling, basic wiring, and network cabling to a broad range of industries. Structured cabling is typically composed of copper or fiber wiring in the walls or a structure. This type of cabling plays a critical role in doing things like connecting your computer, phone, WiFi, surveillance cameras, and other appliance to your phone or data network. In certain applications structured cables can also provide power to certain devices, like cameras, wireless access points, and phones.

There are various types of structured cabling which might be used depending on your site specifics and the characteristics of your network.

Premium Components In Every Integration
Considering how important structure cabling infrastructure is in the daily operations of your voice and data network, you need to choose a highly qualified and professional cabling installer like Tech Guys Inc.

Our engineers and installation technicians only use high-quality products and best practices techniques in all the structured wiring solutions we provide. The overarching goal is to provide you with a physical layer infrastructure that will support all applications designed by today’s standards, while also accounting for your future growth potential.

Reliable connections are absolutely critical in today’s telecommunications. A building with out of date, pre-existing data and voice cabling might be prone to disconnections and data loss. These instances can not only affect your profitability it could also lead to a system crash.

Category 5e

Is more commonly referred to as “Cat 5.”It is essentially an intertwines pair cables designed for high signal integrity. This is the most common type of cabling used for computer networks and basic voice services.

Category 6

Which is often referred to “Cat 6” is more commonly used to support Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, and 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) connections. Cat 6 cable uses more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise than most other categories of cabling.

Category 6a

Sometimes referred to as “Cat6a or Cat6 10gig” is quickly becoming the new standard for enhanced performance cabling. It uses a twisted pair cable system capable of supporting frequencies up to 500 MHz which is twice that of Cat 6. Category 6a is often the preferred choice for areas with alien crosstalk.

Multi-Mode Fiber

Is often the preferred choice for premise applications where the related links are less than 1000 meters for 100 MB or 550 meters for data rates of 1 GB or less. It might also be called for at 300 meters for data rates of 10GB or less.

Single-Mode Fiber

This type of structured cabling is a better choice for situation where bandwidth requirements exceed multi-mode’s capacity, or distances that exceeding multi-mode’s capability. It might also be the ideal choice for an application that requires a single mode such as video.