Intelligent Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software That Powers Today’s Green Economy


Data-driven, ROI-centric cannabis software designed specifically for the marijuana industry.

Knowledge is profit

The more you know, the more control you have over your cannabis or hemp enterprise. Strategic decision-making requires being able to switch seamlessly between the details of each individual aspect of your business and a real-time broad perspective.

MJ Platform, powered by Akerna, is a comprehensive seed-to-sale software developed by experienced cannabis professionals who understand exactly what tools and insights cannabis and hemp companies need. With a secure, cloud-based marijuana software solution, you can manage more than just cannabis—you can manage all your supplies, labor, vendors, and sales in one place.

Enterprise seed-to-sale software for the modern marijuana business

A gut feeling and a whiteboard aren’t enough anymore. MJ Platform provides accurate, real-time visibility into every aspect of your company to streamline your operation and increase ROI. Know exactly how your business is doing, from seed to sale.

At-a-Glance Data and Intelligence

  • Real-time, past trends, and future projections in data visualizations
  • Precise costing and profitability metrics
  • 24/7 access from anywhere

Compliance Management

  • More certified state-system integrations than any other software
  • Alerts to prevent violations before they happen
  • A team that updates the system to stay ahead of changing compliance requirements

Team Management

  • Monitor performance by assigning and scheduling tasks
  • Track quality
  • Reduce steps and opportunity for human error

Cross-Region Tools

  • Multi-state, multi-country management
  • Multi-currency management
  • Aggregate data from all locations

Partnership Building

  • In-app communication tools
  • Re-ordering alerts
  • Invoice reminders

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer insights
  • Rewards and loyalty programs
  • Coupon and promotion performance

Powerful marijuana tracking software built to support all cannabis verticals

In an industry with so many moving parts, small missteps can have massive repercussions down the line. MJ Platform streamlines and simplifies supply chain complexity for cannabis company owners and industrial hemp operations—but the technology powering this solution is anything but basic. It’s a meticulously-developed, carefully-considered, all-in-one marijuana software that deftly manages the entire cycle of cannabis, hemp, and CBD production and sales. This holistic perspective on every aspect of the industry provides critical tools and intelligence to take your business wherever you want it to go.

For Cultivators

As a cannabis cultivator today, you’re not just concerned about the health of your plants—you need to think about how the health of your company right now will impact your future. Oversights, imprecise record-keeping, or failure to keep up with market demand can directly affect your bottom line and compromise your ability to expand your operations or sell to investors. MJ Platform is a powerful cannabis ERP software that provides vital structure to your cultivation process, so you can focus on matching production to demand. Compare your seed-to-sale company data with what the market demands by tapping into MJ Platform’s historical data on plants and retail sales.

For Manufacturers

The THC and CBD extraction and infusion business is chemistry, artistry, engineering, product design, and manufacturing—all in one. As competition for infused cannabis products heats up, issues like quality, consistency, and cost are more important than ever. Letting small details slip through the cracks can compromise your business relationships or open you up to compliance violations that can derail your entire operation. Akerna’s MJ Platform lets you manage every element of the process, from seed to sale, using a single software solution. Powerful yet intuitive, MJ Platform saves time, trims costs, and streamlines processes so you can focus on running your business, not running around chasing paperwork. With the ability to show you individual location data or combine data across all your locations (in every state and territory), you know exactly what you’re spending and earning at any given time.

For Dispensaries

Start thinking about the long-term success of your cannabis retail business. Cannabis dispensaries and delivery services are facing stiffer competition as the marketplace becomes more crowded. When your customer has more choices, every decision you make becomes more important. MJ Platform is a sophisticated seed-to-sale software that helps dispensaries and delivery services streamline the sales process, increase operational efficiency, and manage inventory down to the bud. As your cannabis retail brand adds locations in your area–or in other territories–this powerful and intuitive software helps you keep the same level of precise, real-time awareness of every aspect of your operations.

For Distributors

MJ Platform’s seed-to-sale software is the brain behind your cannabis distribution operation. Control costs, manage inventory flow, and make sure you have your customers’ most popular products on hand. MJ Platform seed-to-sale software provides real-time visualizations and powerful analytics tools, enabling you to identify areas of maximum productivity or those needing increased efficiency.

For Delivery

In the cannabis retail business, efficiency is key. Eliminate duplicate data entry, consolidate your staffing, inventory, and customer relationship information in a single software solution. Provide your budtenders, sales and marketing teams, and business strategists with crucial business intelligence that helps them better serve your organizational goals. MJ Platform seed-to-sale ERP software integrates seamlessly into the leading accounting, payroll, and customer loyalty systems–when you update MJ Platform, changes are populated across all platforms. Powerful analysis tools give you a straightforward look at micro and macro views of your business. This seed-to-sale perspective gives you insight into your performance right now and how you can advance your cannabis business to the next level.

Which seed-to-sale tracking software is best for your cannabis business?

Trying to determine the best seed-to-sale software for cannabis or hemp and CBD businesses can get tricky. All cannabis software companies claim their solution will work great for your business, but how can you really be sure before making a commitment? And once you decide to put a new marijuana tracking software into place, can you really afford the down time and complicated set-up?

We understand exactly what you’re worried about because we’ve seen cannabis business owners struggle with software that isn’t built to integrate with cannabis and hemp workflows, doesn’t understand the restrictions placed on cannabis sales and distribution, and can’t keep up with ever-shifting demands of marijuana compliance laws.

Your medical marijuana software should unite your operations, not create more silos. Make sure the software solution you’re considering delivers the following:

Integrated cannabis software solutions that manage the whole supply chain, not just POS
Automatic warnings when compliance is jeopardized
API integration that seamlessly connects to loyalty programs and online menus
Real-time aggregated data that populates detailed reporting with a single click
Ability to operate in all legal jurisdictions in the U.S., as well as in other languages
Integrated retail, cultivation, and manufacturing features that support potential expansion into other verticals
Dedicated support from cannabis experts and hemp specialists throughout the installation and switchover phases, so you’re not left hanging

Cannabis software that understands where you’re coming from—and where you’re going.

Seed-to-sale software was born right here. We developed the first end-to-end marijuana tracking software in the cannabis industry because we believed that business owners needed granular visibility across the entire supply chain for their product, their cash, and their patients.

Businesses were focused on the big picture or the day-to-day minutia—but couldn’t see both simultaneously. We made it our mission to fix this.

Other industries had powerful ERP software, enabling business owners to keep an eye on every penny and generate instant big-picture company intelligence reports. All in real time. All in one place.

So why were the cannabis company owners we knew still tracking orders on Excel spreadsheets and using paper checklists for order fulfillment? In the multi-billion-dollar marijuana industry, lack of adequate tracking software was holding companies back from reaching their full potential and clouding their ability to make strategic decisions about the future of their operations.

MJ Platform is a powerful, intuitive, seed-to-sale hemp, recreational, and medical marijuana tracking software designed by experts in the industry. It’s not clunky software developed for other products that has now been retro-fitted for dispensaries and growers. By combining technical expertise with deep roots in the industry, we created breakthrough seed-to-sale ERP software that puts canna-business owners back in the driver’s seat.

MJ Platform software is bullet-proof protection against compliance violations

Never log in to another cannabis compliance software portal again

MJ Platform, powered by Akerna, uses a secure API key to automatically report your compliance metrics in real time in the background. Multi-state reporting lets you share data simultaneously with the marijuana regulatory bodies in every area in which you operate. No more duplicate data entry time sucks. No more digging through complicated government websites.

Know the location of every single inventory item at all times

Sticky-fingered employees, careless record-keeping and less-than-ideal storage situations can all wreak havoc on your cannabis company if you’re faced with a surprise audit and can’t account for every single item in your inventory. The beauty of MJ Platform is that it is designed to take into account the entire life cycle for every plant—or gummy or dab or whatever the heck else you’re selling—during every second of every day.

Package your products correctly

Don’t risk slowing down your operations because you ran out of cannabis-compliant packaging materials. Manage your packaging just like you manage the rest of your inventory. MJ Platform ensures information on your label is correct for each state in which you operate, so you don’t accidentally deliver or sell products that compromise your cannabis license.

Protect your records

Many states require you to keep detailed records for years after each transaction has been completed. Those records must be complete and easily accessible. MJ Platform track-and-trace software securely stores your cannabis company data, providing a complete picture to regulators requesting an audit. Robust, built-in security measures protect against data breaches, so confidential data leaks are never an issue.

Seed-to-sale intelligence is already part of your company.


Your business has all the information you need to make more intelligent, strategic decisions. However, your data can’t help you unless you have the ability to accurately collect it, consolidate it into a single spot, and analyze what it’s trying to tell you. Let us show you how MJ Platform can reduce runaround, cut costs, and produce seed-to-sale insights into how to make your cannabis business run more smoothly.