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Tech Guys AV was born with a vision that every client that engages us for their IT company needs from start to finish becomes a part of the Tech Guys AV family. At Tech Guys AV we acknowledge that you are hiring our company to ensure that your company, from an IT perspective, has a system in place that is perfect for your companies needs while always keeping in mind your budget. Tech Guys AV is an employee owned company. Because of this, we are able to ensure that everyone you engage with at Tech Guys AV has a vested interest in making sure that you are completely satisfied from start of the project until the time that you decide our services have exceeded your expectations.

George Asack, the founder of Tech Guys AV, and Dan DiRusso, their lead design technician, together have over 40 years combined experience in the IT infrastructure space. With experience in distribution, manufacturing, partnered IT design, & installation. The experience both of these gentleman hold, combined with the knowledge they have retained, gives Tech Guys AV the capability to evaluate, tackle, & provide a second to none approach. Choosing Tech Guys AV will allow you the capability to provide your employees and your clients with the confidence that you have a strong IT infrastructure system behind you that will never let you down.

Why Work With Techguysma Group

Your IT infrastructure is essentially the lifeblood of your organization’s daily operations. An employee might need to call in sick or a delivery might be delayed with only modest impact. However, even a minor problem with your IT infrastructure can potentially grind operations to a complete stop.

Tech Guys Inc understands the critical nature of your information technology and communication systems. We have over 40 years combined knowledge and IT infrastructure experience in multiple sectors, including business, schools, government, and other institutions.

We realize that no one knows your organization and operational needs like you do, so our specialists take the time to understand your requirements and goals. Our comprehensive methodology allows us to help drive IT innovation and maintain our place as an industry leader in IT infrastructure.

Tech Guys Inc offers a wide range of services including IT infrastructure evaluation, consulting, design partners, data center development, and project management. Regardless of the scale or scope of your needs we can take you from concept to completion on time and on budget.

We employ a dedicated and certified staff of specialists who are driven to fulfill our client’s needs. Continuing education and training are also a critical component of providing cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions. Our engineers, specialists, installers and other staff are always encouraged to advance their expertise.

Regardless of if you are developing new construction facility, expanding or upgrading an existing site, our specialists can lend their expertise. This includes innovative design, logistics services, site coordination, professional installation, and much more

Industry Leading IT Infrastructure Design Services

Our engineers and design team specialists can factor in your needs to develop a comprehensive plan for your IT infrastructure. The customized and client-centric approach we use ensures that each data centers we design meet your needs in the here and now, while also having the scalability to meet your needs into the foreseeable future.

We also understand that timeliness and budget are critical factors in any IT infrastructure project. Fortunately, our four decades of experience help our designers to maximize cost-efficiency and develop a plan that delivers on time.

Exceptionally Smart People

Tech Guys AV’s  beating heart is our highly trained, accomplished, and certified people. We make it a point to deeply invest in our people, providing them with continuous training opportunities, and develop their area of expertise.

Most importantly, everyone in our company cares deeply and genuinely loves what they do. It’s why all of our IT infrastructure engineers, designers and project managers hold multiple certifications in multiple aspects of the industry. Our staff specialists and installers are passionate about expanding their knowledge base and skill set to continue to advance the services we provide with the utmost level of professionalism.

First-Class Customer Service

We understand that world-class consulting, design and professional installation is only one important part of a comprehensive IT infrastructure project. To that end, we make it a point to provide our clients with critical system documentation as well as access to our first-class customer service.

We can help mitigate risk, troubleshoot problems, and help train your in-house IT staff in the specific details of your information and communication infrastructure. When needed we can also provide a physical presence by deploying our technicians to help on-site.

We Care About You

When you win, we win. Every day that our team provides services which helps our clients get up and running while saving money and time, we win their loyalty, time and time again. Our people become your people, who will stop at nothing to ensure expectations are exceeded from start to finish. You will never be just another client. We consider you family;and as family, we will go above and beyond to make sure you always feel loved and cared for throughout the projects we have the pleasure of being entrusted to work with you on.
Always The Best At Everything We Do For You

Techguysma Group understands how critical efficient IT infrastructure is to your organization’s operations in the present as well as the future. We are dedicated to helping you develop a system that meets those needs and support them over time.
Considering how critical your IT infrastructure is, you can always trust Techguysma Group to execute and support your project from concept to completion. If you need help with any aspect of designing or expanding your IT infrastructure, you should turn to an industry leader with over four decades of industry experience.