network integration services

Professional Installation, Management & Optimization Of Your Entire Network

Our Areas Of Expertise Include

  • Professional Network Optimization
  • Reliable Network Connectivity & Performance Optimization
  • Network Management Services
  • Experienced Design Services Through Partners
  • Certified Professional Installation

We’ll Maximize Your Network To Its Fullest Potential

Your network platform helps drive your daily operations while also having a direct impact on your long-term growth and performance. This makes reliable connectivity and efficiency absolutely critical to the success of your organization.

Regardless of your sector or the unique characteristics of your network Tech Guys Inc has the network integration solutions you need to optimize your network and keep up with the constantly evolving landscape of information technology.

Our network integration solutions can help with a wide range of factors, including optimizing performance speed. This can help you transfer files to shareholders, send key information to remote employees, transfer files seamlessly between different departments, and much more.

We employ consolidation, virtualization and standardization to unify your network infrastructure as well as prepare to handle the scalability of new technologies. This includes software-defined networking network functions virtualization and more.

Network Optimization Services Include:

  • Integrated connectivity between Network, DC, IT and Security networks
  • Application of outcome-based network solutions related to multiple OEM technologies
  • Solutions in spares and support structures
  • Telecomm builds with MPLS, Metro Ethernet, Core and Edge networks
  • SLA driven management
  • Vertical systems such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government/Public Sector units, IT and ITES
  • Experienced and certified specialists and installer to design and deploy network solutions
Our IT infrastructure experience and expertise help our client to get the most out of their network investment by providing full-service network planning and partnered design services along with network infrastructure optimization. We also provide multi-vendor network integration and reliable migration service.

A Professionally Optimized Network Provides Many Benefits

A network that simply operates adequately is increasingly prone to suffering system interruptions, slow performance speeds, potential data loss and risk of an eventual system failure. A network platform that has been optimized by the IT infrastructure specialists at Tech Guys Inc will be faster, more reliable, and less likely to suffer problems, which makes it more cost-efficient.

We employ a service-oriented architecture model, known as SOA to provide an enhanced user experience. It helps optimize your network to better support numerous users, devices and workloads throughout your IT environment.

Our comprehensive services will provide you with a system that provides anytime, anywhere access. It will also be cost-efficient by reducing your operational costs, while also maximizing reliability and secure connectivity

Customized Solutions Matrix

to provide an integrated network architecture with fast and reliable data, voice, and video applications.

Switching Service

with LAN oriented solutions to ensure low-latency and maximize available connectivity to run all your critical applications.

Routing Services

to optimize your WAN networks. Our technicians and engineers have extensive experience building multi-location as well as VPN-based WAN with a minimum amount of capital investment. This helps to improve your operational costs by providing you with a secure, highly available WAN setup.


allows us to transform your network to accommodate hybrid clouds by expanding your existing network infrastructure to accept new technologies with minimal downtime.

Network Transformation

alters and upgrades your legacy system to create a high performance, reliable setup. We will also bundle it with the latest service-oriented virtualization features such as SDN, DCI, NFV and more.

Service Delivery Platform and Service Oriented Architecture

with OSS/BSS. Our integration services include Business and Operational Process Consulting as well as Billing and Customer Relationship Management services. This enables us to provide you with a network that has a fast time-to-market which improves customer retention as well as IT operational costs.

Fixed, Mobile & Multimedia Integration Services

with multi-vendor solutions, including IPTV, VoIP and Mobile TV. This allows you to distribute content across various channels, including broadband, mobile, and the internet. It also allows for intermediation services between service providers, clients, and web community services with applications capable of handling multiple screens.

Our Managed Services Help Maintain Peak Network Performance

Even after your network has been upgraded, installed, or optimized we further offer services to help keep your systems running at peak performance. We offer a full menu of services which includes:

Consulting Services

to help your in-house IT staff understand new innovations and potential upgrade options to continue the optimization of your network.

Periodic Audits

to ensure that your system continues to operate effectively, or to identify areas where your IT infrastructure may need an upgrade to stay competitive with the ever-changing landscape of network integration.

Helpdesk Services

to provide you with expert customer service as well as helping your in-house IT staff with troubleshooting.

Fault Detection Services

provide you with real-time alerts and notifications of fault, threshold, and event occurrence for your network.

Performance Monitoring & Analysis

to gather, analyze, and on your network performance and functionality.

Configuration Management

provides you with solutions to manage your network devices and connectivity.

Professional Installation Of IT Infrastructure For All Aspects Of Your Network

At Tech Guys Inc we understand how your network is only as reliable as its weakest chain. So, we endeavor to provide you with a thorough installation or upgrade off all key aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our specialists and technicians are all certified and have extensive experience in network optimization. Our menu of installation services includes:


solutions customized to meet your voice, video, and data integration needs.

LAN Infrastructure Deployment

employing high-quality cabling, switches, router, and firewalls.


with secured VPN router connectivity solution for organization and remote access over the Internet.

Remote Access

including high-speed solutions for remote employees and satellite offices. These solutions will also be integrated with state-of-the-art remote access technology and security solutions.

Hotspot With Wireless Access

with secured wireless LAN solutions for mobile applications as well as areas without reliable landline connections.

The health and functionality of your IT infrastructure impacts all facets of your organization. Putting off system optimization puts you at risk of being left behind in the constantly evolving world of modern technology and telecommunications. Fortunately, Tech Guys Inc offers a diverse menu of system integration and optimization services to keep you on the cutting edge while maximizing the value of your IT environment.

We ensure that all aspects of your IT infrastructure are working together for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.