Full-Service IT Infrastructure Services

Best-in-class data center & new office fit-out experts providing
complete structured cabling, audio/video, security, WAP, DAS, & IT augmentation solutions

Full-Service IT Infrastructure Services

Best-in-class data center & new office fit-out experts providing
complete structured cabling, audio/video, security, WAP, DAS, & IT augmentation solutions

Industry Leading Technology & Augmentation Solutions

Tech Guys Inc is a comprehensive IT provider, offering complete telecommunications solutions for small business, industrial, commercial, government, residential and national accounts. No matter what size, our engineers will provide solutions specific to your industry, each tailored with your specific needs in mind.

Our continued training efforts is the cornerstone of of the success we bring to every project our team does. The more we know, the better we become.Through direct and many 3rd party relationships we have all the necessary accreditations in multiple key certifications + HIPPA compliance such as:

Comprehensive Design and Consulting Services

Tech Guys Inc provides audio-visual Installation & Project Management Services for a wide range of industries including commercial facilities and educational institutions. From the start, we work along side industry leading designers we partner with to ensure everything is designed to your exact specifications. Our IT infrastructure technicians can perform a single installation at one site as well as coordinate multiple installations throughout the country. Our specialists can also help with equipment maintenance and troubleshooting of existing A/V systems or perform a full system upgrade.

We employ a fully trained staff of certified technicians and specialists that are dedicated to your project needs. We can help with every phase of the process including consultancy, design, planning, site training, cabling, and installation as well as maintenance.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing you with unmatched AV service for what you need in the here and now, while also helping you to planning for future growth. Our expert AV engineers and technicians have experience working in a wide range of environments where communications are critical, or entertainment is a primary function.

Customer Satisfaction

At Tech Guys Inc our clients needs are our top priority! This level of dedications shines through from the very first design draft through installation to completion. Our philosophy is founded on three core aspects.

High-Quality A/V Equipment Is Critical

Quality equipment helps transfer your message without interruptions and needless complications. We work with you to determine the type of screens, speakers, and projectors you will need in the desired space. Our menu of services includes premium options for the space such as amplifiers, loudspeakers, intercoms, various screen mounts. The goal is to provide your audience with high-definition video and crystal-clear audio.

We will also integrate the equipment throughout the space in the most effective manner possible. You’ll be able to capture your audience’s attention with little more than the push of a button.

We also provide an easy to use, comprehensive control panel for every element of your setup. Our specialists will also walk you through every step of the process and help train you on using the new A/V equipment.

Innovative Huddle Rooms

An entire conference room might not be needed for small group meetings or times when you need to make a remote presentation to another location. We excel at identifying your company’s needs which helps us provide you with a setup that is right for you. As needed we can easily outfit any other space in your building with the same cutting-edge systems and technology we integrate into your large conference room.

Advanced Telepresence

Tech Guys Inc employs advanced video teleconferencing strategies to help connect remote participants with in-house attendees. We can often find innovative audio and video conference room solutions cheaper than other conference room technology contractors.

Our design consultants and engineers can transform a seemingly mundane or out of date conference room into a first-class center for audio and video collaboration. We design hardware and other equipment to maximize the available space to both optimize the area, while also accounting for important factors like screen placement, sound systems, and projector location.
Our passion and dedication for continuing education means we are always on the cutting edge of video teleconferencing technology. We use advanced equipment in all our designs to provide you with high-quality HD TV displays, and high definition cameras, as well as projectors to provide you the clearest image.

Ceiling microphones and other sound collection devices also play an important role in the telepresence of the conference rooms we provide. Our sound collection systems capture and provide high-quality sound without static or delays. This ensures your presentations maintains the utmost professional clarity for every participant.

When needed we can also outfit your conference room with touch screen controls or other features such as touch screen televisions, large screen walls, or innovative touch tables. This can allow you to operate or accentuate a presentation with simple touch and swipe features.
Integrated web streaming features can also allow you to take your presentation to remote offices anywhere on the planet. We can integrate your presentation to work seamlessly with any device, smartphone, desktop computer or tablet.

Our tablet and mobile conferencing control system allows you to operate all aspects of your conference room with just your fingers. This feature can extend beyond the essential A/V equipment and lighting. We can even set up the system to control the shades, room temperature and even security systems.

Our advanced scheduling makes reserving the room easy. Real-time displays by the conference room doors keep the people apprised about current and future scheduled activities, and also allows you to enter your own scheduling information.

We use a wide range of components, and vendors from well-known names like Cisco Video Conference Rooms, Tandberg, Crestron, Biamp, Haivision, Digital Projection, Extron, SONY, Sharps, Lifesize, Polycom and more.

Bring Your Auditorium To Life

One of Tech Guys Inc many areas of expertise include providing premium installation of audio-visual equipment for auditoriums, conference halls and other large spaces. This can include a school auditorium that needs a comprehensive audio-video system, or a community theater that needs upgraded AV equipment. We strive to deliver the best to you, so you can deliver the best to your audience.

User-Friendly Control Management Interfaces

Regardless of the complexity of your needs or the level of technology being used Tech Guys Inc strives to provide you with a consistent level of control management in every system. This principle extends throughout the design process through the installation as well as providing you with reference materials after the job has been completed.

This high-end level control management is possible because we place emphasis on user-friendly interfaces as well as integrated platforms can be easily understood and operated by anyone. Even individuals who may not be part of your in-house IT staff.

This provides you with a unified system that is as simple to operate and often requires little more than a keypad or using an intuitive web-based control screen. We make innovation and technological sophistication easy to use according to five distinct criteria.


Our designers and technicians integrate all audio-visual systems into a single platform. This might also include integrating with environmental and facility systems, like lighting, HVAC, telecommunications, and computer networking.


The control panels and interfaces we install will be the same from room to the next as well as from one location to the next. This ensures that if someone needs to use a different conference room or makes a presentation at a satellite office that they will already be fully familiar with how to operate the system.


The integrated level of connectivity also allows for consistent oversight of the system which can save you time and money. that consistently produces big savings for our clients. IT staff can easily monitor systems and schedule maintenance accordingly.

Unified Control

Users can operate every function of the system from a single control panel. This allows one person to handle tasks like setting the volume or selecting video sources from one easy to use interface or a point-and-click webpage.


Connectivity is an important aspect of every system we create. We make sure that the entire platform will be available on all aspects of your network. This allows your in-house IT staff to easily support your A/V system whether they are monitoring it directly or operating remotely. Software updates also can be tracked, scheduled and coordinated with your IT staff as needed.